metal packaging


Metal packaging for home fragrances. We can talk about scented candles, incense sticks, diffusers, or essential oils, all can use the metal packaging.

METALpack® containers are of high quality, elegance and resistance and can be fully customized. This packaging becomes an elegant way to perfume the home, becomes a very sophisticated decorative piece and can be reused later for many purposes. Metal packaging is easier to store, and reuse compared to packaging made of other materials. With this, you will perpetuate your brand in the consumer’s home.

In addition, cans are the most eco-friendly packaging for candles and air fresheners. They are 100% infinitely recyclable, with no loss of quality.

When purchased for gift, they dispense with secondary packaging, as the packaging of the fragrance itself has the necessary elegance for gifting.

At special times of the year, you can add distinctive features to your metal packaging of candles and air fresheners that give you a competitive edge. This is the case of adding melodies adapted to the time of year in your packaging through various technologies, personalisation with special inks that change colour depending on the brightness or temperature, not forgetting the special message through various forms of personalisation.

Did you know that you can include the fragrance of your product in the metallic packaging itself? We are constantly investing in research to present you with innovative solutions.