Music melody tin


The world is seen and perceived through multiple senses, which interact and help us build understanding about the universe around us. When we decide to make a purchase or interact with a brand, this could be no different: it is through these sensory inputs that we discover what we should buy or leave on the shelf. That is why marketing is present in all brand actions and sensory marketing in packaging gains strength when it is perceived that it influences the consumer’s buying decision.

In terms of popularity, hearing is the second most explored sense in branding. Sound is constantly used in marketing and advertising, since brands know that they will not have elements to influence consumers’ buying decisions if they make campaigns with only visual elements. Just think of any advertisement without a single noise. It doesn’t work, right?

We also know that packaging is meticulously thought out. Not only to package and protect the product, but to stand out at the point of sale, cause a good experience and stimulate the purchase.

By bringing these two powerful factors together, you create a valuable marketing tool. Besides maximizing the sales of your product, you will also eternalize your brand in the consumer’s home through the packaging.

Transforming a simple package into a passionate music box, that’s what NESCAFÉ DOLCE GUSTO did. With a special and limited edition for the Christmas season, it has made its packaging for coffee capsules as magical as the season. This elegant packaging incorporates a harmonious Christmas melody that transports us to the season every time we hear it.

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